Campus Safety

With the latest attacks in different universities, campus safety calls for a thorough evaluation of realities, the identification of loopholes, and administrative, legal and procedural preventive and security measures.

In today’s advanced world, campuses have their own police like EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION SECURITY in OAKLAND. Campus protection needs no longer to be left to the college administrations. Similarly, considering that campus safety may be very specific to running a police station, merely establishing police stations or posts on campuses will not serve the motive either.

From the attack on the campus, it’s far obvious that measures including the hiring of security service. American Guard Protection (AGP) gives security services seven-days-a-week, 24-hours-in keeping with-day coverage. AGP retains the right to replace any officer right away in the event that the university is disillusioned or has concerns about the officer’s competencies. All the AGP officials are skilled in the fundamental first resource, emergency processes, patrolling and C.P.R. services finished include locking and unlocking homes, random and preventive patrols of campus, escorts, enforcement of college policies, enforcing university parking policies, scientific emergency reaction, and emergency message transfer.

Secure, healthy and safe surroundings are of utmost importance to all students and staff.  Inside and outside of the premises, AGP safety group is devoted to imparting the peace of mind of its services.

Each one of our security professionals undergo a rigorous training that will prepare them to handle any and all of the following services that we provide…

  • Threat Assessment
  • Parking Lot and Vehicle Security
  • Overall Campus Security
  • Student Safety
  • Facility Protection
  • Emergency Response
  • Student Escort
  • Theft Prevention

Because of our training program where we are able to utilize the latest technology and systems to provide quality training, courses, and lessons we prepare our security guards to walk into any educational institution knowing they can handle whatever comes their way.

It is no secret to those of us who have heard about the certain number of tragedies that have occurred throughout the country in more recent years. Our goal as a company and as a team of professionals is to make sure we do our best to prevent any more of those incidents from happening. We understand the high level of responsibility that lies on the shoulders of our security guards to make sure they are assisting in providing the safest, most secure environment for all staff, guests, and students. The specific services we provide to the educational institutions include the following:

  • 24 Hour Dispatch Center
  • Student & Employee Escorts
  • Respond Student & Employee Issues
  • Foot & Vehicle Patrol Service
  • Daily Activity Security Reports
  • Trained/Equipped Uniformed Officers

If you choose to use our services here at AGP, you will not only find that our security professionals contain quality skills in all necessary areas but that they deeply care about the safety of your institution. Do your part in making sure your classrooms, libraries, and parking lots remain safe and secure by requesting one of our services listed above. We look forward to helping you maintain a safe environment for all who are a part of your educational institution.