Executive Protection

Your executives are your treasured people. They can also be your maximum valued goals. This means that you have to do something to maintain their security that’s becoming more and riskier. American Guard Protection (AGP) offers CELEBRITY PROTECTION SERVICE and our experts have the experience, the logistical knowledge, and the street smarts guards to protect your executives even in the maximum risky parts of the world. Regardless of the nature of the assignment or business, you’re Executives don’t come often. They’re specific people with highly specialized needs. Their assignments are equally distinct in nature. AGP access every project from the attitude of the people you’ve entrusted us to shield. What you get is a completely custom designed plan, tailor-made to the executive profile and reason of the undertaking.

AGP also recognize that the greater high profile the more essential it is that safety employees themselves keep a lower profile for motives of discretion. AGP’s operations division is one of the maximum knowledgeable and struggle-hardened obtainable each person is aware of each nook of the territories they cover. Whatever the task, AGP has it covered with entire supervision and task control. American Guard Protection (AGP) is supported by using a complete group of workers of lower back-office specialists who provide logistical and technical aid via every aspect of the mission. After chosen, each individual is able to assist you with the following services…

  • Video & CCTV Camera Monitoring
  • Armed & Unarmed Guards
  • Risk Assessment & Prevention
  • Travel Security Intelligence
  • Rapid Response to Special Events
  • Crisis Planning & Protection
  • Personal Protection
  • Secure Transport

AGP realizes that in most instances of Executive Protection, the chances of specific requests, modifications and necessities are high. In understanding this, we are able to offer services to fit all of your needs in order to protect executive individuals or groups under any circumstances. Our goal for each specialized service job that we partake in is to make 100% certain that each individual is safe, secure and highly protected at all times.
With the combination of technological advances and tools, security plans that are fit to your specifications, professionally trained armed/unarmed guards and our dedication to providing only the best security for your Executive Protection needs, we guarantee that you will not be sorry when hiring AGP to complete the job.

Our years of experience in providing Executive Protection in the Bay Area has allowed us to expand, grow and constantly strive to make sure our clients and customers are fully satisfied with the jobs that we at AGP accept. We stand behind our promise of providing the best and most professional security in the area and will stop at nothing to prove this to you.