Film and Entertainment

Nearly every year, the rise of threats within public settings sees a dramatic increase. No longer is it safe to assume that any public gathering, event or congregation is safe with minimal security. Film and entertainment fall under this same category, which is why AGP offers professional, alert and efficient security guard services for the film and entertainment industry.

Whether the event is being held in an enclosed structure or in the open air of the outdoors, AGP is there to protect it in every aspect and every way that you see fit. Maybe you have specific requirements and needs for your company’s event; we as a team are here to make certain each and every one of those needs gets met.

We understand the precautions, risks and jobs that are involved in this type of service, which is why we implement special training for any individual that is added to our team of professional security guards. During the training process, we go over some of the following topics to ensure our guards are well prepared and ready to take on each job that arises…

  • Arrest & Search
  • Crowd Control
  • Observation & Documentation
  • Armed & Unarmed Protection
  • Communication Skills
  • Liabilities & Legal Aspects
  • Workplace Violence

Through these learning’s inside the classroom as well as extensive background checks, on-the-job training and our required experiences needed to obtain a job here at AGP, we guarantee only the best armed/unarmed security guards to get the job done.

We understand that being in charge and operating a public event in the film and entertainment industry can be stressful at times. Making sure each one of your guests stays safe and is in a secure environment is of the upmost importance to you and we are here to tell you that we want to assist in making sure your event proceeds without danger or any potential threat.

With years of experience of specialized security services in the Bay Area, we have been able to gain the skills and knowledge to maintain a very high reputation of our services. Our entire team works day in and day out to make sure your needs not only get met but that we exceed your expectations in every way that we can. When you decide to hire AGP for your Film & Entertainment Security Services, long gone are the days of worrying about your guest’s safety and security. We look very forward to serving you in the near future!