Financial Institutions

American Guard Protection (AGP) gives financial institutions security with educated safety guards capable of meeting the specific undertaking of this excessive safety assignment. Financial institution guards, for example, require an excessive degree of schooling and vigilance to satisfy the demand as banks are a goal for most violent robbery. In addition to banks, this consists of financial institutions, brokerage firms, and coverage corporations. The sensitive nature of such institutions dealings with cash and treasured facts is the main cause for criminals to a target. AGP guarantees our dedication to any innovations in the subject so one can deliver our clients a better stage of service.

American Guard Protection (AGP) serves EMERYVILLE RETAIL STORES SECURITY, EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS SECURITY OAKLAND, RETAIL STORE SECURITY SAN FRANCISCO and many more clients’. We are delighted to serve and satisfy each customer according to their needs and industry.

As financial institutions establish in growth, they want a protection method that makes protection employees agiler and gives an international view of sites and operations. Financial institutions that see the task of securing like OFFICE BUILDING SECURITY SAN FRANCISCO, AGP is able to protect critical property with extra safety, obtain an extra value for money and deliver a higher experience to the humans they serve.

With a wide range of security service aspects, we guarantee that AGP offers the most efficient and professional protection that you need within your financial institution. These services include the following…

  • Threat Assessments
  • Facilities Protection
  • Preventative Patrols
  • Armed & Unarmed Security Guards
  • Alarm Monitoring and Response
  • Emergency Response
  • Theft Prevention
  • Full Compliance with the Bank Protection Act
  • Unusual Event Response
  • Daily Report Provision

With years of service in protecting numerous financial institutions throughout the Bay Area, we know what precautions and practices are necessary in order to provide a safe and secure environment. The safety and protection of you, your customers and your employees is our number one priority when we provide our services. Both armed and unarmed guard securities are there to assist you and your financial institution with whichever security occurrences and needs arise.

Here at AGP we recognize that as an owner, operator or manager of a financial institution, you are aware of the risks and dangers that you may encounter. We offer services that allow for the stress and pressure to be lifted off of your own shoulders and placed in the hands of our professional security guards. Each team member seeks to provide only the best in all aspects of the job and will stop at nothing to make sure your institution stays the safe and secure day in and day out. Don’t allow anyone who enters your financial institution to be in any reach of harm’s way; higher quality and well-trained individuals here at AGP.