Government Facilities

The Government facilities consist of an extensive form of buildings, positioned within the country and foreign places, which can be owned or leased by means of federal, kingdom, neighborhood, and tribal governments. Many authorities’ are open to the general public for business works, industrial transactions, or recreational activities while others that aren’t open to the general public include tremendously touchy information, materials, strategies, and equipment. These consist of general workplace buildings and special army installations, embassies, courthouses, national laboratories, and systems that can residence essential gadget, systems, networks, and capabilities. In addition to physical buildings, the area consists of cyber elements that make a contribution to the safety of region assets (e.g., access control structures and  CCTV) in addition to a staff that performs crucial functions or own tactical, operational, or strategic know-how. In any unexpectedly unfolding situation, the reaction time is critical to ending the occasion and saving lives.

American Guard Protection (AGP) quick reaction removes confusion and delays – without delay confirming that if any gunshots have been fired, AGP informs and evacuates the staff and occupants and summoning police and different first-responders to the location. Integration with a custom designed AGP system allows for non-stop monitoring of extra threats – such as biological, chemical and radiological.

The following is a list of services we provide for your government facility….

  • Facility Access Control & Protection
  • Fire Safety
  • Emergency Response
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Training
  • Foot & Vehicle Patrol Services
  • 24 Hour Dispatch Center
  • Parking Garage Security
  • Special Event Security
  • High Profile Escort
  • Transit Security
  • Armed & Unarmed Guards
  • Threat Prevention

Here at AGP, we understand the specific needs that government facilities may have when in need of security guard protection. With this recognition, we offer any modifications and special requests that your facility or government officials may have. Whether you need a bodyguard for one day or for the entire month, we are here to serve you and any possible security need that you may have.

Each of our team members, as well as our team as a whole, operates in a professional and efficient way to bring you the best results possible. We understand how serious of a job this specific security service is and all of the tasks and specific details that it entails. We are here to put your worries and concerns about safety and security at ease by providing members of our highly skilled and trained individuals at your disposal.

Don’t allow any possible threats or dangers to enter into your government facilities. Instead, seek out the best security guards in the Bay Area and rest assured that each need of yours will be taken care of with the utmost consideration and concern.