Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial and manufacturing firms have to face robberies, management and labor disputes, property damage, messing with system and products, court cases. And as merchandise and approaches continue to be evolved, manufactured, and disbursed, an exceedingly expert degree in safety planning, prevention and security are needed.

American Guard Protection (AGP) has a considerable effect on how to keep secure your employee’s sense and even your site visitors’ first impression of your facility.

Security of manufacturing concern or any industry must be as numerous because of the potential dangers. AGP with a new technique and several ways of protection gives your business complete defense. Security of manufacturing concern or any industry safety is a dynamic situation as hazards, protection dangers and defense measures are continuously converting. That’s why it is important to hire experienced Security services who can continually maintain the safety of AGP which is one of the best SECURITY GUARD SERVICE in the USA.

Whether or not you require one or more than one security personnel or for multi-location, American Guard Protection (AGP) has the expertise and experience to lessen your capacity losses due to use of a customized plan to protect your property and make certain you’re in compliance with any state or federal safety requirements.Each member of our team is able to assist you with the following services at your industrial and manufacturing buildings…

  • Armed & Unarmed Guards
  • Crisis Management
  • Strike Security
  • Parking Lot Security
  • Video & CCTV Camera Monitoring
  • Fences & Boundaries Monitoring
  • Alert Awareness of Suspicious Activity
  • Access Control
  • Emergency Event Response
  • Patrol Security Services

Our goal as a professional security guard service provider in the Bay Area is to make certain that all of your security needs constantly get met and that we go above and beyond all of your greatest expectations for us. We know how vital it is to create a safe and secure environment for all peoples and all products coming in and out of your industrial and manufacturing warehouses or buildings.

Whether it’s your first time using our security services or you’re a returning client of ours, AGP strives day in and day out to provide only the best experience for you and for your company. We look very forward to working with you and always making certain that your industrial and manufacturing business stay safe and secure.