Maritime Security

In AGP recognition, we specialize in providing only the best security services in these individual areas of the Maritime industry…

  • Screening
  • Compliance
  • Access Control
  • Incident Response
  • Reporting
  • Investigation

We understand the importance of maritime security in the contemporary context when maximum of the industries especially the big scaled companies depend a lot upon the sea passages. A lot of their raw materials and end products and goods travel through the long passages of water to reach different countries’ market and thus requires a high level of maritime security to:

  • Maintain protection against the crimes happening at sea.
  • Ensure an environmental safety.

The American Guard Protection (AGP) has its mandate to make shipment and tour by sea as safe and comfortable as viable. To manage and mitigate any threats with the capability to compromise maritime safety AGP has focused on piracy and is currently implementing a strategy for boosting maritime protection. AGP with support and cooperation from the delivery enterprise has over time developed and followed modern-day antipiracy measures, that have contributed ultra-modern the mitigation cutting-edge the bad impact posed via international piracy.

American Guard Protection (AGP) takes a function on the carriage trendy palms on board ships. It is the duty flag states and coastal states to decide if the usage of AGP personals is appropriate, and bylaws. The AGP is continuously working on appropriate measures to lessen risks of any unauthorized people boarding ships, which may additionally have extreme consequences for ships and, by means of extension, to the shipping enterprise as a whole. The American Guard Protection (AGP) staff is always in close cooperation on matters associated with the prevention and suppression modern day drug smuggling on ships engaged in global maritime traffic.

Constant surveillance and tracking area modern interest are being done by American Guard Protection (AGP) and for this motive, AGP has developed electro-optic sensors and pickets. Armed and unarmed security guards are provided to ensure safety not only to the products but the people in charge. Our other maritime security includes:

  • Terminal security
  • Auditing and Reporting
  • Cargo ships security
  • Theft and Violence Prevention
  • Port Facility security and Patrol and post service