Patrol Services

American Guard Protection (AGP) is a private security service dedicated to close the distance between regulation enforcement and safety via offering focused security patrols to the community. AGP gives the maximum proactive safety available.  Usually, police departments are hit by a cut in their finances. Many departments were compelled to decrease patrolling. Maximum officers spend their shifts responding to calls for service in place of patrolling communities to discourage crime. AGP has the training, experience, system, and manpower to provide this proven crime prevention services for its customers.

American Guard Protection (AGP) strives to deliver the first-rate patrolling services while fulfilling the duties of moral business and security practices. AGP main focus is customer satisfaction.

American Guard Protection (AGP) hires best and high-quality professionals who are skilled officials. Moreover, AGP uses advanced technology and best cars. In truth, we use the same requirements which might be instilled by the law enforcement network. AGP’s is extraordinary service provider as compared to others companies in the market, it is one of the best SECURITY SERVICE in BAY AREA and SECURITY SERVICES in OAKLAND and also in many other cities.

Individuals who take on such an important job such as this must possess the following characteristics, skills and knowledge in order to work for AGP…

  • Sharp Attention to Detail
  • Keenly Observant
  • Highly Dedicated
  • Unfailingly Vigilant
  • Quick to React
  • Aware of All Surroundings

By using a variety of technologically advanced tools and systems along with the knowledge and skills that each individual AGP security guard possesses, we guarantee that your assets will always stay safe and secure. The following is a list of services that we can provide for you on the job…

  • Armed & Unarmed Guards
  • Threat Assessment & Prevention
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Electronic Patrol Monitoring
  • Foot Patrol
  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Bike Patrol
  • Cart Patrol
  • Segway Patrol
  • Risk Prevention
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Video & CCTV Camera Monitoring

Join the long list of clients and businesses that have been able to experience our professional, efficient and trustworthy Patrol Services in the Bay Area. If you are looking for guaranteed protection of your important assets, then look no further than AGP.