If by chance fire or safety breach threatens a tank or vessel, you may face a shutdown that charges millions. That’s why enterprise professionals flip to American Guard Protection (AGP) which is one of the well-known SECURITY COMPANIES in EMERYVILLE, SECURITY SERVICES in OAKLAND and many other cities as well. As a comprehensive, single-source provider of an array of networked and fireplace, protection, life safety, and communication, AGP will let you control your chance and optimize safety to your most vital belongings.

American Guard Protection (AGP) offers leading answers to help defend the petrochemical enterprise’s critical points of operations and assist make a certain uninterrupted float of the enterprise. AGP offers complete protection of chemical and electricity centers, from plant life and terminals to truck or rail automobile loading stations.  AGP helps you to guard your employees and property, your assets and approaches, with our state-of-the-art fire safety and special risk solutions together with dry chemical, water mist, deluge and greater, in addition to gas and smooth agent suppression structures. We additionally provide comprehensive protection safety that offers elevated perimeter protection, advanced important asset protection and more relaxed access at outside and inner get right of entry to points.

In addition, these petrochemicals are used to produce the further line of chemicals known as “petrochemical derivatives” which later become a great source of production in various industries. Following are certain important industries that need petrochemicals for their product manufacturing:

  • Renewable energy
  • Food and Beverage Package
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Medicine
  • Military protective wear
  • Construction

These and many other manufacturing businesses make use of these as their basic manufacturing material. There are several petrochemical manufacturers as these chemicals are one of the most required in the present times. But with this, is also increasing the terror threats, operating risks and thus petrochemical security becomes an important matter of concern.

American Guard Protection is an American company that ensures this safety by deploying the best and trained guards to monitor the sites. We have been functional in the market for the past 15 years and had been appreciated for the ultimate protection offered. People under us are specially tested and trained with the appropriate skill and knowledge to become efficient in handling diverse situations. Not only the supplies are under threat but the people in charge can also get harmed in some way or the other. So, in order to ensure complete safety, we help by offering our armed and unarmed security guard assistance to help preserve the asset. We propose the ultimate safety in the bay area so that petrochemical security can be offered to save a lot many industries.