Patrol Services

car_guard_servicesSecurity Patrol

American Guard Protection (AGP) offers value-effective Patrol Service to their onsite protection officers. AGL maximizes the effectiveness by posting caution signs and symptoms that say your property is “Secured”, “monitored” or “patrolled.” Even if you already have community security officers in location, patrol offerings can provide an additional increase in visibility. One can judge that a patrolled region requires fewer officers during off-hours, thereby reducing your charges. AGP customers have discovered that our team of workers is educated to deal with protection on any stage important, together with brief services, perimeter walking patrols, gatehouse offerings or automobile patrol. We adapt to satisfy each want.

American Guard Protection (AGP) elite team is ready to handle your safety wishes. While you need to be secure and safe hiring AGP makes all of the distinction. Our dependable patrol and protection guards make certain you and your private home are safe and secure. AGP security personals use actual-time electronic reporting and GPS based monitoring. Ensuring that you could discover when we served your location and its update.

American Guard Protection (AGP) patrol security makes rounds in a special, marked automobile. Making rounds of the property as well as a parking area. Making rounds around the customer’s property in random patterns. AGP keeps special watch in the area during holidays and vacations.

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