Special Security Services

Jewelry Escort Services

The American Guard Protection (AGP) jewelry Escort division was formed to provide armed off obligation police protection at the same time as transporting diamonds, precious jewelry or different high price objects.  AGP coordinates with local Police, county or state off obligation regulation enforcement or privately licensed retired regulation enforcement officials for all escorts, pickup, and transport or transport services throughout the continent. American Guard Protection (AGP) jewelry Escort division is an imperative part of dispatching and monitoring our escort officials, and assisting our customers with centralized communications, metrics, and issue resolution protocols. The equal 24/7, one call, answer available with all our services.

Armed guard good

ATM Security Escort Services

The American Guard Protection (AGP) Escort services division is specialized providers presenting armed escorts for ATM restores technicians. The armed escorts offer a safe and at ease working environment that permits the ATM repair technician to provide the equipment and get the ATM device lower back online. ATM repair technicians may also request armed security. AGP is currently performing escorts for ATM restores technicians for many countries. Considering the fact that inception AGP ATM divisions have crafted and pleasant tuned this segment of work into the most complete and executed institution of carriers in the USA. Over the years the community has developed to the factor in which we’ve to end up capable of seamlessly transitioning new customers in less than one month. AGP got in no way had a consumer invoke a consumer pleasure assure due to our constantly high achievement rate. Customers can call AGP escorts at any time. Additionally, AGP also deals escort for all styles of bank Deposits with armed or unarmed couriers. We constantly make sure identical day cash deposit so you can utilize your money at once. At AGP deposits go directly from your organization to your financial institution and never switching fingers, going to a sorting center or being held for a bulk deposit with other corporations.

We also provide a wide variety of additional services such as:

·        Door Keys                                  Vendor Escorts

·         Employee Interview              Employee job termination

·        Customer escort                       Property management

For banking clients, we provide escorts for employee’s cash replenishment and permanent or temporary security guard services.

Executive Protection

Executive & Celebrity Protection Services

American Guard Protection (AGP) personals are surprisingly skilled experts who are entrusted with the non-public security of people. They often work for celebrities, corporate leaders, political figures, and those who are at a heightened risk of personal attack. When you rent bodyguard protection from a specialized employer like AGP, we can arrange for one or extra of our bodyguards to accompany you to public activities, pick out potential dangers, preemptively identify break out routes, and take a motion to preserve you secure.

American Guard Protection (AGP) works alone and additionally as part of security groups, however, they continually stay close to their customers to look at the surroundings and prevent dangerous situations from escalating. In case of bodyguard requirements in NYC, our experts are provided weapons after passing them through the process of focused training and official certification for safe handling and functioning in case of emergency.

 American flag Celebrity Protection ServicesOur personnel utilizes proactive measures to identify and neutralize risks before becoming a threat.

Our objective is to protect our clients during business, events, and travel. Agents use Professionalism and good judgment in protecting our clients. Agents focus on prevention but in case of escalation, officers will use all means before using necessary force to protect clients.

  National Travel                             Physical Threats

Union Disputes                             Shareholder/Board Meetings

Downsizing company                     Lay off /Hostile Terminations

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