Metal Detector

AGP experienced crew is here to assist you to pick the satisfactory safety metallic detector. We understand the unique requirements of our protection customers. For many years we have help groups, school, hospitals, and companies at all stages to acquire the modern safety metallic detector system.


Time Keeping

AGP clock app collects GPS location, tracks time, handles task tracking and keeps you synced together with your personnel. This lets in you to make knowledgeable running choices to store money, time and headaches. When personnel are geared up with time monitoring tools to be self-sufficient, they can assessment shifts and live organized on each day basis. This saves you time and money with the aid of preventing wasted administrative overhead expenses. Whilst employees are equipped with time tracking equipment to be self-enough, they are able to evaluate shifts and live organized on an everyday basis. AGP helps you protect your time and money by preventing wasted administrative overhead costs.

Special Vest

The main area for a security vest is to protect the front, rear, aspect as much as round shoulder. Protection place is particularly vital parameters that dictate AGP security personal capacity to transport and to expect natural body postures. AGP provides its security staff with vest designed for the protection of frame essential elements (chest, stomach, groins, shoulder and top arm joints). Bulletproof Special protections Vest are also provided by AGP as per customers’ needs.
Taxtical Duty Vest security

Paperless Reports

AGP security staff work on paperless reporting and every company wish to weigh the dangers and advantages. AGP is right here to assist our clients in their efforts to head paperless.  We test all exhibits and invoices for our customers.  We then create a searchable PDF transcript with exhibit linking.  Our electronic signatures are affixed to the transcripts as well.  Of route, as soon as these “paperless” transcripts are created, they’re then uploaded to our secure online repository for getting entry to 24/7.

Guard Plus Technology

AGP is your one answer for Security Guard operations and using technology for control. AGP can help managers and administrators respond to, file on, and examine safety activities. Directors also can manage emergency dispatches, subject incidents and investigations from begin to complete. AGP helps to improve service shipping and first-rate from your staff and display your price to stakeholders

AGP helps you to accumulated statistics to track overall performance at all levels for performance critiques, incentive packages, and performance audits. With AGP technology you can have improved performance, responsibility and profitability by way of coping with your team of workers with a smart software program.

Office Reports

AGP database for its official reports to view, layout, and summarize data. As for instance,  AGP creates a list-type file to display cell phone numbers for all your contacts, or a summary file to overall up the income for your company throughout extraordinary areas and time periods.

GPS Mapping

AGP is one of the first to take advantage of GPS as it dramatically multiplied productivity and ended in greater correct and dependable security. For AGP GPS is an essential a part of surveying and mapping security activities around the area.

Custom Forms

AGP custom forms are subjected to numerous layers of security. AGP bootstraps your security software with various perspectives for coping with its configured functions to get you up and jogging as fast as possible.  All AGP custom forms can be overridden. For every form used, you may specify substitute. AGP is also packaged with a default template for every email that it can ship. This permits you to feature more fields to the sign in shape or override valuators.

Incident Reporting

AGP main aim is to hold safe and healthful surroundings through correcting situations that can cause or could likely reason for any security lapse. If any security lapse incident occurs, it is necessary to file the occurrence so that an immediate action inclusive of an investigation may be taken to make certain that a comparable or greater severe incident does now not happen. Incident reporting is vital to numerous security motives.


AGP’s daily security reporting is beneficial for all its customers. It facilitates you to maintain tracks of your security and is sure the best way for the awareness on crucial things day by day.

GEO Fencing

AGP uses GEO Fencing which is regarded as a virtual perimeter that you may draw around any location on a map, and then check the security of the customers. AGP Geofencing is virtual boundaries which can be energetic or passive.

Virtual Perimeter Security

AGP is in use of Virtual parameters for a very long time, enabling the security checks.

Motion Sensor with Wireless Motion Alert

AGP is in use of Motion sensor (or movement detector) with Wireless Motion Alert for your protection, as this is an important device that detects whilst a person is on your property. A Motion sensor with Wireless Motion Alert uses one or more than one technologies to locate movement in an area. If a sensor is tripped, a signal is dispatched on your protection machine’s manage panel, which connects to your monitoring center, alerting you and the monitoring center to a potential hazard in your home.

Motion sensor with Wireless Motion Alerts you when an automobile processes a driveway, and plenty of more. Detecting and alerting when a person comes to your front door. The movement Alert Alarm passive infrared device detects movement in any decision on the area. AGP A Motion sensor with Wireless Motion Alert with Wi-Fi movement Alert is a handy and low-cost safety/protection machine. It capabilities weatherproof outside sensor with adjustable sensitivity manipulate.